Graphics cards are getting too big

Please give your opinion, I think graphic cards are getting too big on size, I think they could do better.
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  1. i vote no.
    graphic cards today are MUCH better than before, they are more faster, more full of tech, so i think the card's size are still proportional... :)
    Technology are growing so fast, transistors are getting smaller, maybe we'll just wait until the card's size are the same as cpu size...
  2. Generally no.

    Powerful video cards are large for a reason. They need the space for all the little component that are soddered into the PCB. For example, powerful GPUs has lots of transistors and will continue to grow in number, VRAM takes up space more VRAM means more space, you also need chokes and capacitors which takes up real estate as well.

    The HD 5750 and HD 5770 are pretty small for something that can give you similar performance to the HD 4850 and HD 4870 cards which are a little larger.
  3. wa1 said:
    maybe we'll just wait until the card's size are the same as cpu size...

    Thats what i mean...
  4. Please if you vote leave a comment
  5. Most of the cards today are 2 or 3 slots wide, while a few years ago there were only 1 slotters. It's crazy to see cards with even 4 slots now, when everything (including cases) remain the same size!

    For AMD & Nvidia it's a no-brainer, why not make their CPU's bigger and encroach on those "spare" PCI slots if it will gain them the lead!

    I agree damian86 GPU's are getting way too big!
  6. damian86 said:
    Thats what i mean...

    Actually, if you want to think of it that way... VIDEO CARDS contain a GPU mounted onto a printed circuit board (PCB) with its own RAM, etc.

    The PCB that a GPU is mounted on is pretty small compared to the one a CPU is mounted on... that is, a motherboard.

    But hey, if you want graphics cards to take up the whole case by themselves...

    EDIT: Seriously, did I just get suckered into posting on a necro'd topic?
  7. Let this thread die in peace.
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