Antec 902 vs haf 922 vs Thermaltake ARMOR A60 Black Edition

im looking for a case that has good airflow, good cable management and so i have 4 choices the antec 900, the antec 902, the coolermaster haf 922 and the thermaltake armour a60 black edition, what case would you recommend?
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  1. The Antec 902 is an improvised model of the Antec 900 with slightly better cable management.. So, you may take the Antec 900 safely out of the equation unless ofcourse you prefer its looks over all the other mentioned cases.. IMO, the CM HAF 922 is the best case here followed very very closely by the Antec 902.. So IMO, your choice should be between those two.. I'd pick the 902 over the 922 here purely based on looks (HAF series cases look horrible to me).. If you can, add the CM 690 II Advanced to your options.. It is one very good case..
  2. Yeah, CM 690 II Advanced would be the best, followed by HAF, 902 and then the Thermaltake
  3. Petey1013 said:
    Yeah, CM 690 II Advanced would be the best, followed by HAF, 902 and then the Thermaltake

    How do you know? I owned the Armoe A60 and it did a great job of cooling. Can't compare it to the other, but I do own the HAF X and did own a 900 and I'd say it's not as good as the Haf X, but better than the 900. Armor A60 is a very underated case with plenty of upgrade options.
  4. Well i currently own a 902 and a CM690II i have likes and dislikes concerning both.
    902 likes-looks great,excellent quiet blue led cooling,cable management is good,filtered intakes.Comes with 2 120mm intakes,1 120mm exhaust,200mm top exhaust all 3 speed.windowed.
    Dislikes-no mobo cut-out,filter access is ridiculous

    CM690II Basic likes-looks good,has filters,very roomy inside,excellent cable management.mobo-cut-out that isn't placed properly though it's still workable for a 212+ is a known issue with other coolers and mobos.
    Dislikes-louder then 902 yet it only comes with 2 fans,side panels are finicky sometimes you have to do it just so.

    The build quality on both these units is very good using thick gauge steel.
    Obviously the 902 is of higher quality which is reflected in the price difference.
    The side panels on the 902 don't flex and there is much less plastic used in its overall construction.
    That being said for the price difference the CM690II is a very good case and definitely a better deal then the 900.

    Not a fan of the HAF series aesthetically good cases though.
    Don't know anything about the Thermaltake A60 other then the V series are cheap they feel cheap if you pick one up(indication of thin steel and lots of plastic) and look cheap in person.
    Perfect example is look at the weights of each unit which is quite telling of the quality of materials used.
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