Stretch desktop ovet two monitors in win7

I have two monitors hooked up to my HD4770. When I had win XP on my PC I used to be able to "stretch desktop onto the second monitor" and that made any media player go to fullscreen over both of the monitors. As my monitors are 4:3 this feature used to give me double screen largness when watching movies.

Now I switched to win7 Pro (I do have graphics drivers updated). I can't find that option in Win7 the available options are :
1. Extend these displays
2. Clone these displays

Anyone know a solution to this problem?
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  1. Right click>Screen Resolution

    That will get you to the place where you can extend the display...I'm not sure though about the media player on both screens....but it should clone and extend
  2. Stretch option isn't available in Vista or 7. Only Extended and Clone. If you want to stretch your desktop (having multiple monitors act as 1) you'll have to downgrade to XP.
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