CM RS500 + GTX260 ???

Hey guys ..

now i've the Cooler Master eXtreme RS500 it's good though for it price, now im getting a GTX 260. And im woried about the psu, if it was enough to run the GTX260. The official recommended PSU for the GTX260 is 500 Watts. But i dont know if my psu can handle it !

so .. ??

my spec now:

Asus M2N32 SLi Deluxe
AMD Phenom X4 9950 OC'd to 2.9 GHz
4GB DDR-2 RAM 800MHz
eVGA GeForce 9800 GT SC (OC'd 700/1750)
Seagate Barrcuda SATA 500GB
Cooler Master eXtreme RS500 PSU

there is 4 extra 120mm fans in the case for cooling stuff ..
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  1. Its 30 amp total on the +12 volt rails is a little on the low end since 36amps is what is recommended.
    Have you considered the HD5770? It is cheaper than the GTX260, is power efficient, about the same performance (about 1 % slower on average) and will run fine with your PSU.
  2. thx for passing buddy, but i can get the GTX260 for a really good price !

    so .. ?
  3. BTW, i checked some of the 260 PSU things, it says that the eVGA GTX 260 core 216 (the one i'll have) needs a 12v with a 36 amps, and my PSU have 4 or 3 12v with a 18 amps, the 260 needs to power capels. I guess thet will be 36 amps. Im i right ?
  4. If your PSU is this one then it has total 360watts for the +12 volt which gives 30amps combined.
  5. yes thats it .. it's my PSU

    so i think it's not enough to run the 260 right ?
  6. It is questionable it might run fine but not guarantied because the manufacturers always recommend a little bit on the high end.
  7. yeah .. well thanks a lot dude for the help .. i really appreciate it ..

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