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I'm sure someone asks this 10,000 times a day, but I'm going to ask anyway because I'm tired of searching the web. I have Kingston Hyper X DDR3 1333 1.65v cas 7-7-7-20 memory, but at stock settings it runs at 1.5v 9-9-9-24 on my mobo. I bumped the voltage to 1.63v (1.67v is the next setting and its red) and my cas is still running at 9-9-9-24. Do I need to manually set the timming? Do I just change the four values? do I run it in dct0, dct1, or both? should I run it in 1T? Will this make my computer that much faster to get the Cas down? Once again sorry for all the questions.

8gb Kingston ddr3 1333 (KHX1333C7D3K2/4GX)
MSI 870-g54
AMD 955 b.e.
XFX HD5870
Cougar sx700 psu
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    You will gain very little in performance by tightening the timings, which yes, does require higher voltage (just raising voltage only....raises voltage). I suggest you leave it on Auto for all of the 2% you may get out of but, if you must fuss...
    try 1.63v and 7-7-7-20. The worst that can happen is it won't boot and you'll have to put everything back on Auto.
  2. So do I just change those four (tcl,trcd,trp,tras) values? should it be dct0,dct1, or both? I just want to learn. I dont have a problem with running it on auto though.
  3. tcl,trcd,trp,tras
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