ASRock Extreme 4 vs MSI p67a-g43

I have purchased my i2500k, but still need a motherboard. Which one of these motherboards is better. Should I save the $25 and go with the MSI or go with the crowd and get the extreme4?
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  1. In the end it is your money, if the features of the MSI board is enough for your requirement I see nothing wrong with saving the money.
  2. If you need the features of the more expensive board, buy it.

    If the features of the less expensive board are enough, buy that instead.

    I went with the ASRock P67 Pro3 simply because I didn't need SLI/CrossFire or the other fancy-schmancy crap that more expensive boards had. If you think the MSI G43 might work for you, check out the Pro3. It might be what you're looking for too.
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