Drivers for Mobility Radeon on HP laptop?


I need to update my graphic card driver but I am having some serious issues. My system is an older HP Compaq nc8430 laptop with Mobility Radeon X1600 and Windows XP.

I recently found out that laptops can now get official drivers with Catalyst Mobility but to my disappointment HP is not on of the supported manufacturers. And the drivers from HP site are like 3 years old.

I used to get my updates from Omega drivers, or I modified normal drivers with mobility modifier from Driverheaven. But it appears that those things haven't been updated in some time.

I really hope someone can help me... How can I get the newest drivers installed?
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  1. Unfortunately, your card is too old to be supported by ATI/AMD from what I can tell. Also, the main reason is because the mobility version is built custom for the laptop LCD display it runs on, so it requires drivers from the laptop manufacturer/distributor.

    It might be time to upgrade if you can anyways, That card won't be able to play any of the more recent games that are out there.
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