Agility 3 SSD dying?

Hi, I recently realized that my ssd seems to be getting slower. like a LOT slower. I got some new parts for my PC (ram and extra HDD) and when i installed them windows promped me to redo the experience score. I did it and my ssd went from 7.8 to 7.4. when i got worried, i defragged it and checked that all the cables are connected properly and that my BIOS settings are correct and when i booted back in to windows it went up to 7.5.

Starting to really worry then i did a crystal mark test. I got 201 read and 95 write. As far as im concerned these are terrible scores for an ssd and my caviar black has higher write speeds than that. can someone PLEASE help?

The firmware is 2.15 and the ssd is 9 months old. <- this is the crystal mark score
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  1. Alot of SSD's lose performance at above 50% capacity. its something to do with the way there garbage collection algorithm runs, and is more noticeable on the asynchronous flash like the agility. Also you should NEVER defrag an SSD.
  2. I see. Well i wont defrag it anymore, and i will put cod 4 on to my HDD. Right now i still have some games on my SSD so il get rid of some. :)

    If that doesnt help do you have any other ideas on what i can do?
  3. games are fine to keep on it, there is a finite number or writes so just keep in mind that number is usually around 10,000 even on the cheapest SSD's. Thats about 5yrs normal PC use for about 5-6 hrs a day, everyday. You can download SSDlife and check to see where yours is at. My boot drive is still at 100% with 1256 work hrs and has and estimated life of 10yrs at my current use. Short of buying another SSD and sticking it in your system, assuming thats a vaible option for you, theres not alot you could do besides taking the used capacity down to 75% or lower. I recently bought a samsung 830 128GB just to put my games on, in addition to my patriot pyro 60GB boot drive, got my boot drive 9 months ago for 104, samsung cost 99 2 weeks ago, lmao technology.
  4. Your ssd won't die, because of that numbers. Check,Marque_fbrandx1487,2797.html and you see that the Aglity 3 240 GB has numbers you talked about.
    CrystalDiskMark uses compressed data by default, which causes low write performance on Sandforce based ssd, even more on drives like your Agility which operates with asynchron NAND.
    You shouldn't try to defrag your ssd, this is on the things which really reduce lifetime. Data on ssds is not saved like the defrag thinks they are, the controller inside the ssd saves them where is it best, defrag is only for hdds.
  5. thanks for the replies!! that really makes me feel better about this :D
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