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I have installed windows 7 on two disks, one in a HDD and one in a SSD.
I use the HDD for my desktop computer ans the SSD for my professional activities (3D modelisation).
To use each one i go to the BIOS and choose with which one I want to boot.
My problem is : I have a graphic card Quadro 2000 and his driver needs a CLEAN system (no sofware exept a browser and 3D sofwares).
My question is : can I let all my disks connected to my Motherboard and choose to activate or desactivate them (I don't find the solution in the BIOS) not to have read/write access and avoid possible incompatibilities.
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  1. Do you have a license for windows 7 for both hard drives.You will need 2.
  2. Yes I have two Licenses and I already use the two booting disks but I wanna secure my SSD, desactivating the others HDD when I use it.

    I hope my asking is comprehensible.
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