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I5 750 or i5 760

Looking at newegg prices- the 760 is still priced $15 higher than the 750... Assuming that I will be buying newegg, would you go with the 750 ir the 760?

It seems that the new chip is just binned higher with a potentially higher multiplier/unlock?

I am not familiar with overclocking, but my plan for the chip is to run it at stock for a couple of months- then setup a modest air cooled overclock- maybe 3.4-3.6GHz or so.

Would you say the bump is worth the $15? Or if we are looking at a mid-high range overclock (but not max), would I get essentially the same results?

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    since you plan to OC...eventually...the i5-750 is fine. you won't see any real world difference between the two
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