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I unplugged my PC from the AC wall outlet so I could move it, now it wont startup when pressing the button on the front. The LED on the mother board is on. The mobo is about three years old. I am wondering if this could be caused by the bios cmos battery going dead. Is there any fix for the mobo. I would like to power it up one more time before doing a mobo+cpu+mem swap. It's a DDR2 setup.
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  1. Did you replace the battery? If not, try that. If you made any changes to the original BIOS settings, remember to make them again - removing the CMOS battery will reset the BIOS settings to their default settings.

    If it still does not power on, remove the Front Panel power lead, and replace it with the Reset lead and see if that works (use the reset button to power-on, sometimes power buttons fail).
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    If it worked before you moved it, check all the connections. Then our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  3. I have resolved this problem. I substituted another power supply and the system starts and operates.

    Interesting that I used a power supply checker on the old supply and it passed. I think the power supply checker does not load the supply enough to see the problem because I swapped the power supplies back and forth and the failure was consistent on the old supply.

    Problem solved.
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