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CPU Bottlenecks

Hey people. From some time now I've heard here and there about CPU bottlenecks regarding high/low end GPU's. I've been considering buying a high end GPU, but decided to ask your opinion on this matter first. I have an Intel Q9300 Core 2 quad CPU @ 2.5GHz and currently a ATI HD 4850. Screen is 25", 1920x1200. Is buying a too high end GPU a waste? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Nah. A Q9300 wont bottleneck a HD4850.
  2. Yeah, yeah...I don't feel it does right now, but what I meant high can I go when buying a new card? Would it bottleneck, for example, a HD 5970? Should I go for something lower? I want a good card but the best one for this kind of configuration...
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    A HD5970 would probably start to see a slight bottleneck. You can get a HD5870 without seeing a bottleneck but most dual GPU setups need a Phenom II X4 or a Core i5/i7 quad and higher to be satisfied.

    In your case, unless you plan to game on multiple monitors at a super high resolution a HD4850 should be fine for another year at least and then you can push to a HD5800/6800 series which should still be fine.

    But if you plan to go with more than one GPU like a HD5970 or 2 HD5870s then you would want to upgrade your CPU as well to get the full benefit of the GPU.
  4. Thanks man. That was basically what I needed to hear. :) A HD5970 is probably too expensive anyway. All I want is to game on a single monitor, with everything maxed out. The HD4850 still holds out, but it's a shame it can't handle AA decently at all with max settings on this resolution... Any thoughts on a decent near high end card?
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  6. Well it depends on the games you play. What games? I play L4D2 at max everything and max AA/AF at 1920x1080 flawlessly and I have a Q6600 @ 3GHz and a HD4870 1GB.

    What I would say is a HD5850 would be a nice choice or a GTX460. But then again it depends on the games. Some work better on ATI, others work better on nVidia.
  7. Well, I basically play...everything. lol But usually pay more attention to action/shooter games. I play L4D2 too, everything maxed out except AA. Gives me that little lag and steals away some fps. There's a considerable gap between 4850 and 4870 after all. Oh well. I've tried both Nvidia and ATI so far... Prefer Nvidia's driver software, but think ATI is more performance oriented... But now there's the Physx thing. Mafia II lags so bad with physx particles on...
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