My computer Freezes up and the sound stutters.

For a while now, my computer has randomly locked up. It's always at random times, but it's always the same thing.

The sound will start stuttering, and then the picture will freeze, or the picture will freeze, and then the sound will start stuttering.

It was also starting up extremely slow. It take over ten minutes to load my bios and Windows XP.

I brought it to the shop that built it for me, and the guy said my problems sounded liked a memory problem. He ran some tests, and he came up with nothing. He then ran a virus scan, and found something, but when I took my computer back home, it still started up slow. (He said that it started up fairly quickly for him, though.)

I took it back, and he replaced my hard drive with a new, bigger hard drive.

It starts up quickly now, but the freezing still persists.

If you need to know my computer specs, can you suggest a program for me to run that will give me a list of everything you need to know?

The only real thing I've come up with from researching this is maybe my sound card...

It might also be worth noting that of the three times it's frozen since I've gotten it back, all three times have had slightly different outcomes.

The first time, it just locked up completely, and the sound kept repeating. I eventually forced my computer off with the power button.

The second time, it did the same, but after about ten seconds, it gave me the bsod. I didn't have time to look at the screen because it's set to restart after failures.

The third time, it froze up, but I waited to see if I'd get another bsod. The stuttering eventually stopped, and I was able to move the mouse a bit, but everything was still extremely slow, and after a few minutes, I just forced the computer off.

The third time was right after I rebooted it from the second freeze.
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  1. Since the tech said the RAM is OK, it sounds like a bad driver or a driver conflict. See if you can re-install the drivers for your hardware devices. Start with the graphic card drivers - download them from ATI or nVidia (YOUR GPU chip maker), uninstall the current drivers, reboot, and install the new ones. That may solve your problem, if it does, don't update any other drivers. If it doesn't solve your problem, re-install or use updated the sound card (or on-board sound) drivers, and if that still doesn't work, reinstall or use updated chipset drivers (usually Intel, nVidia, or AMD) for your motherboard.
  2. Before the new hard drive, I updated all of my drivers, and the problem still persisted then.

    Should I try that again anyway?
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