Cooler Master Scout vs Thermaltake Element G

Hi guys, I have a Thermaltake Element G case, I bought it less than a year ago, it has worked well, it can gets dusty on the inside because the side panel has no filter, but it does the job.
Now, a few days ago I saw the Cooler Master Scout case, and I fell in love with it, the side panel being transparent is great, and if you don't add any fans there, your case shouldn't get dirty (as the Element G), and the price is pretty low.
Now my concern is, I could try to sell this Element G that I have and buy that Cooler Master Scout case, but, I wanted to hear your opinions and which case do you think is better?.
Would you sell this Element case and buy the Scout (I really like it), or would you stick with this Thermaltake?

Element G:
Cooler Master Scout:


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  1. I'm using the scout and it's awesome and completely tooless

    ( I'm not sure about the tooless part with the element )

    If you really like the scout, go for it.
  2. Hello
    The Scout is a great choice,however are you only considering mid-tower cases?
  3. Yeah, I've seen Full tower cases, and they are too big, I don't really like them, this is more like a personal opinion :P, because I know that obviously they are the best.
    And the scout seems to be a really really cool case, I like the style, but I don't know if its worth buying it and selling this Thermaltake...

  4. Well since you mentioned you have some problems with TT,then you have to get a new case.
    Another good alternative to Scout is HAF 922.
  5. but the haf 922 doesn't have filters. Sounds like the OP wants a dust free PC.
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