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Bought a new Hard Drive, 500 GB Seagate Barracuda. Plug it in, neither Windows or the Disk Manager detects it. It shows up in Bios and Device Manager.

And yes, I did read the sticky thread, none of the stuff it suggested works.
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  1. Hello DHS, and Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    This is a brand new HDD? The reason it doesn't show up in Windows explorer is that it need to have a drive letter assigned to it first.

    Go to Disk Management, and in the lower graphical section, that drive should show up as Disk1 or Disk2, uninitialized, with a black band above the volume itself. Click Initialize, which adds a disk signature to the partition table. Then you can add a Partition, or several Partitions to this drive, and format each with NTFS, default allocation unit size.

    Finally you should be able to add a drive letter to each Partition, which will make it visible in W explorer, and ready to store data.
  2. Before year when i bought Seagate Barracuda 500 GB HDD i found same problem. i got solution on seatage website.

    This HDD had SATA II 3Gbit/s interface and my motherboard support 1.5Gb/s transfer rate. solution is Jumper settings.

    check this link for solution. use Jumper and enjoy 500 GB space.

    Best of Luck.
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