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I need new graphic card, I do not play ANY games at all, computer is only for my work. I do mostly web development, web design and programming. Using mostly software like Adobe Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, now and then Photoshop and Illustrator... thats about it.
LCD is 24'' Dell U2410, I might buy another LCD so that I have two of them, I sometimes need larger desktop for easier programming, web development etc..

I was thinking of getting some not expensive card since I'm not playing any games, would HD 5750 be good for me ? or I should take something else ?
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  1. You don't even need a 5750 for what you're doing. Photoshop isn't gpu intensive at all, and thats about the most gpu intensive program that you listed.

    Heres an Ati (XFX) HD5570 for only $80 and $2 shipping on

    I specifically chose the 1GB version so that you can run it on several monitors without a hitch.

    Even that is a bit much for what you're using it for, but It can help if you do a lot of things at once.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask... and good luck!
  2. I run the 9500GT , and it runs all those programs with no problems. All the cards posted will work with no problems. In case, you're wondering, this is roughly the card I'm using running dual 24" monitors:
  3. Actually runswindows95, Im also running another computer with a 9500gt, and its doing dual monitors. I can play CS: Source on max settings too. Ati cards are better though imo.
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