Three more Qs!!!

Ok guyz..i have three more questions for u. They are as follows:
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  1. 1.At 1600x900,can i play every title maxed out? If yes, for how long do u think its gonna be like that?
  2. 2.For gaming, how much performance increase will there be if i OC i3 530 from 3Ghz to 4Ghz with 5770?
  3. Hello Evan,

    Please start your inquiries off by stating your full system specifications. We're going to need:

    Power Supply
    RAM (What type, what speed it's running at)
    Video Card (What type, what speed it's clocked at, any aftermarket work on it, etc)
    Operating System
  4. 3.For gaming, which will be better..a)I3 530 OCd to 4ghz with 5770 or b)I3 530 @ 3ghz with 5850?
  5. Regarding Q1..i will use an i3 530 @ 3ghz with 5770...Thanks guyz for helping :)
  6. Hello Evan,

    We still need your motherboard type, what your power supply is, what RAM you're using (and how much of it, what speed) your video card that you're using and what OS you're running.

    BUT, in regards to Q3, we would need to know what resolution, what settings, and what games you're running.
  7. I want to be able to play all the titles with GOOD fps
  8. Mobo:Asus p7p55d/Intel dp55wb(depends on OC),RAM:2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz,CPU:I3 530,PSU:500w,RES:1600x900
  9. For Question 1: Depends on your video card. If it's one of the listed below (5770 or 5850) then no. Extreme games such as Crysis are pretty ridiculous at very high settings and bring even the most high end video cards to a sweat. However, for about 90% of the games out there, with your setup at 1600x900, you should be OK.

    For Question 2: You might notice a 3-7% increase in performance depending on the game (being safe here, it might be more, might be less or 0%)

    For Question 3: Personally I think the 2nd setup would net you more performance (the 5850) although it is more expensive. Also, you should still be able to overclock your processor with a better video card (unless your PSU would be holding you back, in which case I'd definitely understand your hesitation)
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