Where can I get a 450 watt power supply?

I need a 400+ watt power supply for my Dell Inspiron 546 ST Slim model case. This is what the case looks like:


It's very slim and small and regular psu's won't fit inside it, I need to replace the Geforce 210 512 64 bit video card inside it with this:


The upgrade is for Cataclysm but the video card requires around 400+ PSU and a 6 pin connector. My current PSU is a 250 watt with a 12V rating of 17A. Can I use my PSU and 3 way split the power from my dvd drive? If not where can I find a PSU capable of fitting in my case and handling this video card?

I cannot swap out the case components to a different case. it's a family PC. I don't want to downgrade to a different video card, there has to be some way to make this work and I came to where the most elite computer people can help me out.

I can run the case without the side panel attached with a air conditioner pointed at it for all I care for overheating issues, I need this video card for WoW Cataclysm, after getting accepted into the beta, I cannot run the new water affects without a fps over 10 on ultra...
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  1. the ATI 5750 hardly draws any power and most generic 350w PSU will run it, luckily this one is not generic
  2. Okay um, my motherboard connector for power is a 4 pinn, I think..? This will power my motherboard and that video card no problems?
  3. it has a 4-pinn cpu power connector but it lacks the PCI-E 6-pin your card needs so forget that idea.

    frankly i would just get this card and call it a day

    no need to upgrade your PSU, its much better then your current card, and your current CPU is what it is. save your cash for a new build.
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