Hard disk stopped detecting in bios

my harddisk was making noise and now it has stopped responding completely. It does not get detected in bios even. Before it was working properly.please help
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  1. Looks like bad drives...

    but there one thing i want to check (addition to what "iknowhowtofixit" already said)
    Try change the CMOS battery with new one and reset CMOS at the same times... (sometimes bad batt can make drive detection harder)

    If u could enter the HDD. I suggest u backup important data as soon as possible.. If hdd already make strange noise it could only means bad things
  2. thanks for the help iknowhowtofixit and rdc85. I tried this hdd on other two machines it did not get detected there also. I think I will need to get it professionally repaired but i dont know where exactly these kind of work are done in my city. I live in Mumbai India. Yes data is important. so i want proper professional person who can handle it.
  3. Err, it not worth to try to fix it (by professional), except the data inside is important......

    The best bet is to claim the warranty (RMA)

    Try contacting the manufacturer, they will guide u about how to RMA the drive.
    If it still quite new u want to try the store u bought them
  4. rdc55 Data inside the drive is important
  5. yeah i miss read about the data... then u will need data recovery service...

    To bad.... I do not had any experience with them, so cannot give any recommendation..
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