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I have recently noticed slow down on my pc while running video games. after trying a bunch of stuff i looked at my cpu/gpu temps. they are both running at a staggering 60/75c in idle mode at my desk top with no programs running. Im wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem could be maybe a mobo issue or some people on a different site were saying possible PSU problems (though my PSU is fairly legit).
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  1. well if the temps were not that high to begin with I would guess that maybe something came loose. Have you checked the heatsink to make sure that it is still securely attached? Clean out yuor system of dust and ensure that all of your fans are working correctly. Does your case have good ventilation? It wouldnt be a mobo issue as to why ur cpu is really hot and as far as PSU goes that wouldnt cause the high temps either but that could be the cause for the low fps.
  2. i just blew out the case and fans with compressed air, as for the cpu heatsink its possible that its a little loose but that wouldn't explain the gpu temp. i ordered a new CPU heatsink on new egg but after i saw the gpu running so hot i started wondering if maybe it was something else.
  3. so i tried switching out psu's since i had heard it could be an issue and now when i try and turn on my mobo with either of the psu's i have i get a flicker of power and then nothing... other sites have suggested that it could be a grounding issue. any thoughts?
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