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Ok, so my younger brother needs a new PC and I will build it for him.

The main purpose for PC is video editing, second is Gaming.

He has 3 monitors, one of them is 24" and the other 2 are about 20"

The PC needs to be top of the line, I don't really have a budget maybe around $2,000. If I spend less great, if I need to spend more then I will. I will be using Newegg to order the parts, but I also have Microcenter not to far away from me.

This is what my brother sad the PC must have;

* Very good GPU
* CPU (must be easily overclockable to 4.0 Ghz, I personally always liked Intel CPU's so unless AMD has a big advantage now, I would like to stick with Intel CPU)
* CPU Cooler "Prolimatech Mega Shadow Deluxe" (when I got one for my self this thing was the best cooler on the market)
* 12GB of RAM
* 2X SSD HDD (one for him and one for me as a method of payment, so a nice SSD is needed. Is Intel G2 still the best option? )
* 3TB HDD's (total)
* Top of the line Sound Card (he asked for 2 sound card's... can he do that? He just wants to be sure he has all the ports that he would ever need)
* 3 CD ROM's (don't ask)
* Full Tower Case with great cooling (his room gets hot, so suggestions on good fans is also needed)

I don't know 1st thing about video editing and I stopped paying at attention to the new parts that been coming out for the past year or so, so all of your help is greatly appreciated.

Does crossfire/SLI helps with video editing? If no, then a single GPU is fine. (must be something good tho maybe 5870 thats what I have)

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  1. Do not overclock it. This will cause some major problems with encoding and decoding because it's very cpu intensive. Especially since you don't have a budget.

    for you more cores the better. I would go with the core i7 hexacore.
    I would get the 2x SSD's in mirror raid and then get 3x velocity raptors in RAID 5 for data
    HP's make decent dvd burners
    I recommend the antec p193 and a 1000w corsair power supply.

    You might also want to consider server class stuff such as a dual xeon server with a total of 16 threads and 2x ssd drives for OS and 3 SAS drives for data. I can easily bring you up into the 5-7k dollar mark :P
  2. Well 5-7k is way over the budget! 2.5k tops and I would really hoping to see it even lower then that.

    Do not overclock?!!! what you mean??? "major problems with encoding" are you serious? How does that work??? i7 CPU's are so easy to OC its a sin not 2 do it.... I mean if its a stable OC will there be problems?
  3. AMD new 6 cores CPU may do great for video editing or an I7. Intel 6 cores is not affordable. SLI or Crossfire wont help video editing, and a single ATI 5870 video card should be sufficient. 8 Gigs RAM would be sufficient, a 64 bits OS is mandatory.

    Onborad audio is generally very good right now. If he want more, then he should get only one very good audio card and use onboard as a backup or complementary.

    DVD burners are so cheao right now and a blu-ray burner could be a good option.

    SSD are nice and for other drive RAID 0 should be used for editing. AMD latest chipset support SATA3 and with SATA3 SSD in RAID 0, it simply flies. I'M not sure about Intel newest chipset, but their SATA3 was bandwidth restricted and would cause problem with RAIDed SSD.
  4. Well you did say no budget lol :P

    I would get 2 velocity raptors over SSD any day. More space and good speed. Get 2 600GB in mirror raid for redundency and then get 3 1TB HDD and put that in RAID 5. Most motherboards with a southbridge 10R can do that. You get speed, space, and redundency for the cost of 2 intel 64GB SSD's.

    a core i7 quad core would be fine and 8gigs is plenty trust me. I've encoded 2 videos at the same time with my xeon quad core. Both came out fine.

    Video cards do nothing for video encoding/decoding it's purely CPU and that is why you do not want to over clock it. It's hard to explain why but trust me you'll run into problems eventually. You will think something is wrong with the video card all the way to the cpu until you realize you overclocked. Had that problem and wouldn't put that on anyone so don't overclock! I spent hundreds of dollars because of that mistake.

    Zer0Cool said:
    Well 5-7k is way over the budget! 2.5k tops and I would really hoping to see it even lower then that.

    Do not overclock?!!! what you mean??? "major problems with encoding" are you serious? How does that work??? i7 CPU's are so easy to OC its a sin not 2 do it.... I mean if its a stable OC will there be problems?
  5. Have to disagree with '101's last post. 10k drives aren't that much faster than standard hd's when compared with SSDs, so stick with a few SSDs and not some 10k drives.

    Maybe go with an 860 with 8gig of RAM.

    To my knowledge there can be GPU acceleration for video encoding/decoding, although CPU is very important. I'd go with a less powerful card, but still get one that's decent. (is CUDA important here?)

    I personally don't think that a stable overclock should have problems if you're encoding. Errors should only occur if you're using an unstable overclock.
  6. I'm currently gathering info from other sources, and the process is slow as Im also finish up last semester of college now. So here is what I think would be the parts that Im pretty sure about for now.

    i7 930
    Antec DF-85 Black (case)

    I also looked at the "COOLER MASTER HAF 932" but as far as the looks go, for now Antec has my vote, I haven't really got any other good suggestions for good air flow cases, but Antec DF-85 looks really "Cool", especial with that SSD port right in front. Going to look at reviews after this.

    As far as the MOBO goes, for some reason im leaning towards an ASUS one. I my self have p6t devule v2 and can Overclock his PC really easy. Since p6t is a bit "old" im wondering if there is one with like USB 3.0 and SATA 6gb/s I want to make sure his PC will have all the latest stuff you know?

    Will SSD take advantage of the 6 Gb/s MOBO port ? Also will something like this work on my p62 deluxe? or am I better off with a mobo that is sata 6.0 ?

    I think SSD decision will be the hardest... this is one of the inputs I got on it and want to hear what you think "IntelG2 < Vertex2. With the Intel's you won't need any extra software to take care of cleaning up the drive, it does it by itself." What cleanup is there with SSD's and is the difference between speeds any visible between IntelG2 and Vertex2?

    Also what about "CrucialReal SSD C300" I heard these thins supposed to be the fastest? Its has a "SATA 6 Gb/s interface." Makes me really want a MOBO thats also 6GB/s completable you know?

    * PSU, so far this is the only suggestions I got, I mean correct me if im wrong, but having anything over a 1000W is a waste of money. So far I like the suggestion below, but was wondering if there are any more good once that maybe I can look at, I really not sure what to look for in a PSU and the company behind it.

    CORSAIR TX Series CMPSU-950TX 950W

    *HDD so for I got 2 suggestions, both for the same price.

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12


    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3

    As far as RAM goes, I got 2 good suggestion so far, and would need 12GB total.


    I know its a lot of questions here, but I just would hate looking back and to think that I could had made a better purchase :)

    Thanks for the help
  7. If you're looking at using 3 4GB Kits, then look at this:

    Since the 6GB kit you've listed is using 2GB RAM modules, getting 3 4GB kits that use 2GB modules should be the same, but at a lower price (especially with the $10 off atm)

    Between the 2 hds, the F3's marginally better, but either's good.

    For the case what about the HAF X?
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