Anyone use a HDMI to component cable?

Anyone ever use or know someone who has used one of these? HDMI to Component I plan on running this from my 5750 to a 32 sony widescreen hd ready crt tv.
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  1. wait nvm. that's i think for the ps3 proprietary adapter. not the hdmi slot
  2. HD Ready CRT TV? Wow that's Old School!! Kudos for the long life on the TV. :)
  3. That is going to look miserable. Does that TV do real 720p? It may only do 480p or 540i and they all look terrible plus that set has been used for what - 10 years?? Go spend $50 and pick up a 17" monitor - its better than that...
  4. its not a money issue. its a space issue. I'm moving, and don't have room for a desk. And the TV is already in the room, and I don't want to move it. CRT's are wicked heavy. Just trying to work with what i have. But it seems that unless I spend some coin on a serious converter box, it wont be very good.
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