Help with Asus P5N-d and GTX 470

Hi, I would just like to hear from someone (or knows of someone who does) who uses an Asus P5N-d motherboard with either a GTX 470 or 480. - thanks
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  1. hankedy82 said:
    Hi, I would just like to hear from someone (or knows of someone who does) who uses an Asus P5N-d motherboard with either a GTX 470 or 480. - thanks

    I might just add I recently bought an Asus 5850 and was getting the drver has stopped and has recovered error and just could not load any game with the card, my computer has been at the shop for a few days and we cannot work the problem out, the technicians think it may be a problem with my motherboard which I cannot afford to replace, my old 8800gt works fine in the system. I have read a few posts saying that memory can cause that driver issue also... really need help with this because I am completely broke now.. thank you

    current system
    P5N-d asus motherboard
    4gigs DDR2
    vista 64
    750w psu
  2. Well, you said that 8800GT works fine, so the problem is your HD5850.
    Have you tried some older drivers? Or the one in the CD which came with your card?

    You have 8800GT, HD5850 and now you want to buy GTX 480?? wow...
  3. Well, I use that motherboard with a GTX 260. Later I played around with an HD 5750 on it. It sounds like didn't do a driver sweep or unistall all Nvidia graphic dirvers and that will confuse the motherboard. I also installed the GTX 260 on an AM3 mobo then replaced it with the HD 5750 and I got the same problems are you. A driver swep failed to fix the problem so after formatting and fresh OS install, the 5750 had no issues whatsoever.
  4. yea I tried multiple different drivers and used driver sweeper to get rid of all the nvidia drviers, formatted the hard drive and installed a fresh windows, none of that worked. Oddly enough the technicians got back to me last night and they believe its a problem with Vista 64, or my motherboard is dying... and to answer your question Wa1, no I spent all my cash on the 5850, a new psu and cpu and was trying to get the 5850 replaced with a 470 which they cant do anyway because the 5850 isnt faulty it just dosent like my computer
    Is that your motherboard?

    And could you show us the link for your HD5850? Is it 2.1 version?

    If yes then you have a problem with compatibility, many issue when 2.1 card runs on 1.0 motherboard...
  6. Hey mate, sorry it took so long to reply beenbusy with work... yep that is my motherboard and here is a link to my card.

    I think you may be on to something here because the card is 2.1
    which socket 755 motherboards would be best to get if any?
  7. ummm, your link is work but i can't see anything on it... :)

    If your card is 2.1 then you probably have a conflict with the motherboard. Any modern motherboard recently have no issue with 2.1 card.

    But, try to use DriverSweeper:

    1. Uninstall your driver
    2. Boot from safe mode and use DriverSweeper to cleaning the remaining driver.
    3. Restart and boot normal.
    4. Install the driver again.
  8. Yesterday I received my GTX 470 and installed it on P5N-D. It works perfect except 2 points(which I think insignificant).

    1) Don't know if it's related to the mobo, before the pc enters windows the screen shown on my monitor(22' 1080p viewsonic) is smaller. Means there's a black edge on 4 sides of the screen. Trying to resize from the monitor doesn't help. The latest driver fixed this problem from the point you enter windows. But before entering windows it's still there.

    This leads me to believe that GT200 cards are not natively compatible with some monitor or mobo, and it needs nvidia's driver to fix. So if you want to install a linux/unix maybe you will have problem.

    2) This card is pretty thick. If you go sli, you will find it impossible to be installed on the secondary e-pci slot because the SATA cables block the way( assuming you use SATA hard drives). I found a walkaround: remove the brick-size plastic cover on top op your card. It's fairly easy. You will find plastic clips on the sides of the card. Unclipping them with anything small enough and hard enough. After you removed it you will see it's really empty. It does nothing but blocking dust i think. Then you will be able to install the card on the secondary slot.

    As for the card I really love it. One reason i chose it over 5870 is the SLI scales really well and i have a p5n-d. So I can use one card and upgrade later when needed. It runs all latest games except metro 2033 maxed out on my pc. With SLI it will be able to max out metro 2033. May upgrade with another when crysis 2 comes out.
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