My pc just powers itself down over and over

hey, I was just playing call of duty mw2 and my pc shut down without warning. I gave it a minute for the HD to stop spinning and turned it back on. While doing the IDE hardware check it turned off again. This time I waited a couple minutes and tried again, this time it loaded to a prompt telling me to choose from one of the listed modes, safe, good configuration, normal etc. My arrow keys would not work and it automatically selected the 'start windows normally' option. Before it could do anything it turned off again. Now I've waited 30 minutes and tried once again, it loaded XP and again before long it shut itself off. I've taken off the side of my computer, and the heatskink on my video card isn't TOO hot (nVidia8800gt) and there isn't a ton of dust. all my connections are tight. help!
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  1. Hi,

    Try getting into your BIOS. check your temps of cpu could be heat issues. The video card has nothing to do with this problem if it was heat related it would've gave you a BSOD most likely.. Does your HDD make any odd noises when it runs..if so that could be your problem, but the main concern is either temperatures, do you have a speaker on your case that is plugged to your motherboard, because every motherboard will display a particular "beep" if a problem occurs. If you don't have one try getting one of an old computer and simply plug it to your motherboard. Try that first if your temperatures are fine running at "normal" then it could be power supply...also what kind of Pc is it, and how old..
  2. V1zzle:
    it's a custom built computer that I bought used, I don't know the hardware specs because when I bought it I downloaded CPU-Z and identified the hardware from on the pc.

    I know it's a AMD 5000+ black edition, fsb has never been played with. it has 2g ram, 250g hd --I just had a brown recluse spider spindle down right infront of my face and I had to capture and free it, forgive the wait--

    Upon further inspection I found one of the fans to be sitting prone. After manually starting it like an airplane rotor it continued to spin and the computer booted up fine.

    I believe there is a speaker attached, but for some reason my keyboard won't work during startup, I'm searching for an old non-usb keyboard to try, I don't have an adapter.
  3. 1 reply over 1 day? I heard this site rocked. not sucked
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