PSU ok for 3x gtx 480?

I currently have a Tech NPS 1200W PSU (

I am upgrading from 2-3 gtx 480's in sli. Do I need to upgrade my PSU as well? If this PSU is ok, should I stay away from overclocking the cards with it?
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  1. What are your other system components.? Mention in as much detail as possible.. Like which CPU and how much overclock have you put into it..
  2. Sorry, here are detailed specs:

    Chassis: Cooler Master HAF 932

    Processor: Intel Core i7 930 2.8GHz @ 3.9 Ghz

    Motherboard: EVGA X58 LE Edition SLI (Intel X58 Chipset)

    System Memory: 12GB DDR3

    Hard Drive 1: 1x (160GB Solid State (By: Intel) (Model: X25-M MLC Edition)

    Hard Drive 2: 1x (1.5TB Seagate Barracuda (7200 RPM) (32MB Cache)

    Optical Drive 1: DVD-R/RW/CD-R/RW (DVD Writer 24x / CD-Writer 48x)

    Optical Drive 2: Blu-Ray Player/DVD Player

    Video Cards: 2x SLI Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB @ 1.088 V, 825 core, 1650 shader, 3696 Memory

    Sound Card: Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional

    Cooling: Air cooling, Noctua NH-D14

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-Bit Edition)
  3. Ok well.. That's an already impressive build.. Your PSU specs (90A combined on the 12V rails) looks fine btw to squeeze in another GTX 480 in there.. So you are good to go..
  4. Thanks for the replies. Assuming temps are OK, am I fine to OC the new card to the same level as the current 2?
  5. What is the price of that PSU?

    How about these?
    Corsair AX1200 (80+ Gold, also 100A on the 12V rails)
    Antec True Power Quattro 1200W (80+ Silver)
  6. The price is listed in the url from my first post. $289 on sale for 197.77. I bought my PC from, and that is the 1200W they put in it.

    By suggesting those other options are you saying that I should replace my current one?
  7. Somehow i am not able to access the link. If you already have bough the PSU then there is not problem. I was just suggesting alternatives. And nothing can beat the $197 price tag.

    The reason i suggested those is that they are popular alternatives which a little bit better efficiency which would help since you have built a real power guzzling PC!!! :)
  8. Thanks for the quick response time :). And am I correct in thinking that it is OK to go ahead and overclock the cards' speed and voltage too? Sorry for reconfirming this if you had already seen that question and meant your last post as a response to it as well. I have sunk a lot of money into this power guzzling PC, so I want to make sure I don't damage anything with insufficient wattage! :-D
  9. Although i don't see the need for you to overclock the GPU's, you may as well try it but only after giving them a nice initial run together.. What i mean is to first give them a run on the stock settings.. After that, if everything feels ok then you may as well try out overclocking then..
  10. The GTX480 3 SLI consumes 1010W of power (according to guru3d) and if you overclock the CPU and the 3 GPU's you would go up to the 1100W or more I think it would be stretching your PSU a little. Isn't it?
  11. OK. Thanks again for all your replies guys! :)
  12. hey there,
    i know its been a while since u posted the question but i felt the need to express a few thoughts.

    1. first, u are using 3 gtx480s with a i7 930 CPU, where the CPU is already a bottleneck for your cards even at stock clocks, even if u do OC the CPU to say 4.0GHz it will still bottleneck them.

    2. second, say u replace that CPU with the 980X, which at this point would be the only CPU powerful enough to keep up with your setup, u will not be able to actually see the difference with the OCed GPUs because there isnt a game on the planet that can stress them. not now, not in the next 2 years, at least. not to mention, the game needs to be SLI-friendly in order for u to take full advantage of the multi-SLI-configuration. also, there are a few games where an above 2way SLI config, would not mater at all, in terms of performance (same FPS) or even go down (lower FPS). exception here is ofc Metro2033 which will stress even a 4way sli config of gtx480s cause its a benchmark-game and thats what its supposed to do.

    3. third, all i have stated above is out of personal experience, in case u thought i was just quote-ing someones review on the mater. i, myself, have an i7 920 and wanted to go for the 3way SLI gtx480 config, but i then realized that the CPU will bottleneck the setup. so, i only got a 2way gtx480 SLI config now. only after pushing the CPU past the 4.0GHz threshold, was i able to come close (89% scaling now) to the perfect scaling (of 100%) of the two gtx480s.

    4. as a final thought, with the CPU OCed to its max, 3way gtx480s SLI config, 2 HDDs, 2 Optical Drives, a sound card and hopefully some watercooling for those GPUs, the PSU will approach its limits really fast during an intense gaming session.

    Hope u get to see this reply and hope it will help u decide if u didnt already.

    PS: sorry for bumping this
  13. I appreciate the response. I have, in fact, already made my decision. I got the 3rd card, and it runs fine with the PSU. I did not overclock the cards for just the reason you say.

    I do want to mention, though, that given your system, you should really download the latest beta nVidia drivers if you haven't done so already. They help remove a lot of the CPU bottleneck you are talking about. The more your CPU is currently bottlenecking your system, the more the driver will help you. I gained an extra 7k on my 3dmark gpu score on the performance test, which is an unheard of boost from just a driver switch.
  14. my 3dmark vantage scores are:

    GPU Score: 32869
    CPU Score: 63782

    i doubt any new/beta/upcoming drivers would help me much past this point. i am at ~90% SLI scaling, which is pretty good given the fact u will never be able to achieve a perfect 100% (95% at best). even so i will give the drivers a try, not to optimistic about it though. thx for the advice :)
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