Core 2 qaud or amd phenom

Hi i want to upgrade to a quad core but i do not know which one.
The core 2 quad q8400 or the amd athlon 2 x4 635 for gaming
My GPU:MSI R4670 1G
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  1. Mention all as pointed out by ct1615 and add your upgrade budget also..
  2. My spec
    CPU:core 2 duo e4300
    Ram 2 gigs
    OS win 7

    My budget is R4000. i want to upgrade my cpu for gaming.
  3. wat bout ur GPU?
  4. IT is a MSI R4670 1G
  5. q8400 will better, but the price differnce between them is sooo large (100$ vs 170!!).

    the choice is between amd Phenom II x4 965 and q8400

    they both trade blows, but amd wins a few more than q8400

    price wise. amd is 5 dollar cheaper
  6. ct1615 said:
    either CPU will be bottle necked by your video card. over clocking your current CPU and a video upgrade will be a better upgrade. Also you did not post your PSU but a good 400-500w unit is always a good upgrade.

    I agree, especially since upgrading to an Athlon II x4 would require a motherboard change. Even an upgrade to the core 2 quad might require a motherboard change, depending on your motherboard support.
  7. Yes i will need to change me motherboard.SO i will go for the amd athlon x4.
  8. good choice...
  9. upgrade is when you replace (component on a build - computer) with a more recently released, enhanced version or replace (a hardware device) with one that provides better performance. In your case you want to a new build - quad q8400 or the amd athlon x4 635.
    Well Athlon X4 635. For your video card try reading this -
  10. Yes now what about it.
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