Death by lightning

So a few years back I had a computer lost it's PS during a thunderstorm. And I'm guessing it's no coincidence. So I figured it was struck by lightning. Immediately after I replaced he power supply, and got nothing. So I gave up on it and had to buy one immediately because of work reasons. So having this thing staring at me in the garage day in and day out made me want to either trash it or fix it. Well today is that way. And it's not in the least yet that is. Well somewhere over the years I had stollen the memory for another computer. So I went out to the local computer scrap yard and bought 2 sticks (described later). Put those in....nothing. So I stripped it down. Took out secondary video card, sound card, wireless card, unplugged hd and DVD drive. Turned it on.... Nothing. So at this point I have ram in and that's it. And obviously the CPU. So I pull the memory and start it up. No beeps. No video. I have tried everything. Tried all dimm slots and all. The only thing I get is this board has 4 indicator lights on rear and the are giving me a memory error.

Here's what I have

Intel d815eea board
2 x 256 pc133 scram - used
Not sure of processor
New 350 watt PS - specs good for board

If anybody has any idea what might be going on, even a comment on throwing it away, just any help would be nice.

Ps I pulled battery for CMOS already also
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  1. When PSUs go they often send a voltage spike that fries many components.
    Bad boards can have working LEDs.
    Don't just throw it in the trash as the heavy metals will just leach in the environment. A computer store will have some use for it's parts - drop it off at their door.
    You can probably sell the new PSU on Ebay.
    Lightning cannot enter a dwelling that is properly grounded. Grounds wear out over the years, and, corrosion does not conduct electricity. So whenever I hear of lightning cooking someone's....whatever, in the house, I urge them in the strongest terms to go to the home builder store and buy an 8' copper (galvanized works but copper is better) grounding rod, new 4 or 5 or 6 gauge wire, cut the rod in half, drive 4' in the ground a foot from where the old grounding rod is on the incoming electrical service, and wire the new rod there with a new clamp.
  2. Do you think it would be worth it to get a new board and hope for the best with the rest of the peripherals?
  3. Questions like that get into philosophy;
    Certain parts can be reused; Case, PSU in this case, DVD burner and a fan maybe. Replacing the MB means new CPU, RAM and HD - $270 for a good shopper wanting just a basic computer for everyday tasks.
    Now you answer the question: "is it worth it?"
    You could reuse the old HD if you have the OEM XP disc. Still, even if you do, I would buy a new HD and clone because of the likelihood of an older HD failing.
    Otherwise, add another hundred for a new copy of Windows 7.
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