Upgrade Opinion - Urgent!

Hey there everyone :hello: I'd like to thank the people here at the forums for the quality advice i've had over the months and for taking the time to read this questions.

First off: I'm looking to upgrade my brothers rig, which i previously owned.
Specs are

Intel DG965RY mobo
Intel E4300 @ stock - 1.8Ghz
Thermaltake Big Typhoon CPU cooler
Transcend DDR2 2GB 800+ Ram kit
250GB WD HDD + Seagate 80GB HDD
XFX HD 4850 512MB (upgraded from a xfx 7600GT)
Thermaltake 420W TR2 PSU
Thermaltake Armor Jr. casing

So heres the deal, i have a pal who's getting rid of Core2 Proc's - an E7500,E8400 and a Q6600. He was kind enough to let m,e keep one of my choice. I was initially planning to swap the proc but i realized my mobo doesn't support 45nm proc (even after a bios update). Now 10 days later, I've found a friend who's offering me a good price for the above rig and plan to build a new rig (without the GPU).

I'd want to buy an ROG board - Here to go go with an E7500/E8400/Q6600 and rams

The PSU can be changed but I'll hold onto the GPU and maybe thinking of a move to crossfiring 5770's

Question to those reading this:

Which proc is best among the three? This is an upgrade path from the intel and I'll overclock the proc as well.
Is there any reason to move to a higher Core2 Proc or should i think of building with an i5? (A lil confused :P )

Question 2 :
I could look into a Maximus III Formula,provided i can get some direction with an i5. Really looking into an ROG board cos it'll look awesome in the Armor :sol:

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time! :sweat:
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    The fastest CPU for single and dual threaded applications would be the E8400, and would overclock well too. The best for multitasking would be the Q6600, and would be a very nice quad core if you could overclock it to 2.8 GHz or more. If you want this rig to last you a few more years then a Q6600 would be the best choice. I'm not very good with socket 775 boards though sorry.

    The Maximus III Formula really isn't worth it imo. You're better off with the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro.
  2. Well the Maximus III Formula is a choice over its color scheme and it comes with good features - I'd want one!

    Just asking if its the way to go if the core2's aren't...and if its worth the extra cash :P upgrade path wise. If not then i'll stick with the LGA775 path.
  3. Well... if you're looking for a good upgrade path I'd go with the AM3 socket, since Intel's replacing the 1156 socket soon enough.
  4. if i were u i wouldn't waste a dollar on that rig i'd save some money and build a new i7 9xx or amd build
  5. been really out of touch with intel's new line up in proc's. The only reason i'm ditching the current rig is cos i'm having bottleneck issues, cant OC with setFSb on the intel board:S.

    Amd's huh? What of the hexacores or the x4's? :P Does the crosshair III support AM3 proc's?
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