What is the Best Configuration for a PC for 1-10 multiseat computing

I'm "Nèxt".
I'm from India.
I want your help building a PC for MultiSeat Computing, as I will be using 1+10 LCD Monitors, Keyboards, Mouses with single cabinate.
Also, suggest the Software as I'm Planning to use Windows XP/ 7.
As I said I'll be using it for MultiSeat Computing, I want to be assured of good Stability & Speed Over Each Desktop with reliable Internet Speed. The Sys should work fine even if all the 1+10 Users were using internet/Gaming @ the Same time.
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  1. Well basically what you are gonna want to build is a server something like Dual 6 core Xeons would seem like it would be the way to go but in reality a multiseat config is not gonna do much more then internet browsing maybe a java or flash game and some office programs at the most so I would say go for an I7 fill it with some fast RAM and a few drives in RAID and you should be good performance wise.

    Now configuring this setup is not an easy task and it will need special software and hardware to run Windows XP or 7 won't work you will have to use Microsoft® MultiPoint Server 2010 you will also need 10 client portals to connect each monitor mouse and keyboard. HP sells pre configured systems for this.

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