I crashed my external drive

I have a WD Passport. I restored data to my husband's computer, then decided to delete it. When it was done deleting the data the drive was screened back in gray and stayed like that for a long time so I disconnected it. Bad idea. I think it must have still been working and now when I put my ear to the case I hear it start to spin and then it goes to two nasal sort of tones, lower then higher, and then starts the whole process again until it stops after 5-6 attempts. It does not mount as a disk but it does show as a peripheral in my system when it's plugged in. Is this hopeless or can I can remove it from it's lovely blue case and hook it up to an adaptor and recover data?
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  1. Hi you just got a dead drive,

    If it's not under warranty you can open the box and connect it into a computer to see if you can get the data back, but I soubt it.

    If it's still under warranty, you can RMA it on WD website
  2. It could be a power issue.

    A standard USB port is current limited to 500mA. A Seagate ST9500325AS drive, for example, requires about 850mA during spinup, and about 400mA thereafter. A USB Y-cable is therefore sometimes necessary to pick up power from two USB ports.

    How does Microsoft's UVCView utility see the external drive?

    Are either of the following utilities able to see the HDD?

    HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

    HDDScan for Windows:

    Be aware that recent Passport drives integrate the USB-SATA bridge IC on the hard drive's own PCB. This means that you will not be able to connect the drive to your motherboard's SATA port (unless you expose the drive's SATA interface by way of an invasive hardware hack).

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