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I am looking for advice on what is the best way hook up wirelessly my PC to a home cinema system for streaming music and video. Right now mostly I have Mp3 but in the future I will also have divx and stuff.
Are there any solutions that allow to browse directly on the TV for music, pics, video?
My PC runs Windows XP Home and I already have a 802.11g wireless network working at home.
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  1. your multimedia system has an ethernet port? You need to elaborate ALOT on that system to get any worthwhile advice.
  2. I have windows XP home running on PIV 1.8 GHz - I have 512 MB Ram, USB 1.0 and Firewire connections. I also have an ethernet port but I use it to plug my wireless ADSL modem Router.
  3. This is the "home cinema system"?
  4. This does music and pictures:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I bet you can find one that does video too, just look at what major brands have to offer.
  5. This is a product that I am sure we will see more of in the future. Almost everyone has a TV and a computer but they are not always in the same room and most people prefer to watch their videos on the TV but this becomes a problem when they are in DIVX and such. I would purchase a product like this too if I could find one.
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