SSD Drive can't be seen by Windows after Format and Reinstall.

Hello Everyone,

I recent reformatted and installed win7 64 on my Intel SSD drive. I am now having to boot up multiple times to get Windows to even start. When I let it run the repair it says it can't see the hard drive. I have gone into the bios and looked to see which of my hhd's show up and the SSD shows up every now and then, but not all the time. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Double check connections on ssd and motherboard.
  2. Okay I unplugged both ends of the connections and reconnected them 1 at a time just to make sure, power as well.

    I went through the guide and still have the same issue.

    I do notice during the boot up process the system hangs at the Marvell Universal Controller(pretty sure that is the name) while detecting the installed SSD and HHD. When it hangs it won't boot into windows correctly, if it doesn't hang up it boots just fine.
  3. Try to use other SATA port, then go to the BIOS and check you can see the SSD or not.
  4. have you installed the correct Intel Rapid Storage Device driver?
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