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Does Removing a Decorative Decal void the warranty?

So as the title may imply I was wondering if removing a decorative decal. Case in point: I have a older ATi Radeon 4890 that was sold by Diamond Multimedia (I don't like them as a company since they don't really innovate, they just repackage ATI's reference design and sell it off.) and I hate the ugly picture of Ruby (The ATI mascot? Is that her name? I just say "the chick with the rack") and I used some 91% alcohol and some elbow grease and removed the picture since it still had the ATI reference design (I guess it's printed on the plastic housing directly) artwork and I liked that look a lot better.

I am wondering if that voided the warranty but not sure since the serial number is still in tact and all I changed was the cosmetics (by removing stickers only) and it shouldn't have (and didn't) effect anything on the card.

Any ideas or opinions?
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  1. It would probably void the warranty. You really should inspect their warranty information, some indicate that any defect that did not come from the factory wouldn't be covered.
  2. I've looked at it, but no mention. Generally when it comes to electronics if there isn't a "Warranty void if removed" tag and the serial number is in tact its usually acceptable. Hence why I ask. I was hoping someone had gone through this before.
  3. Really depends on how they'd react when they physically inspect it. If you could get it through them, then the warranty might still be good.

    You might want to try to call or contact the manufacturer, try to ask if the warranty is still good if somehow the decor got scratched. (Try to sound like you didn't intend it :D )
  4. Yeah I sent in a trouble ticket regarding the matter, waiting to see what they say. Knowing my luck they'll say I'm S.O.L.
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    Yeah I sent in a trouble ticket regarding the matter, waiting to see what they say. Knowing my luck they'll say I'm S.O.L.

    Cross your fingers, some manufacturers may be much more lenient than others.
  6. Some don't bother as long as you don't open the cover of the video card. There are warranty sitckers that get destroyed when the cover is removed. Vendor also look for tool marks on the screws.

    Some don't care at all. They just take it and replace the unit.
  7. One of my buddy's was saying if I needed to send it in just tell them it was a "open box" from Frys or MicroCenter or an Ebay buy. Not sure if MicroCenter does open box or returned sales like Frys (I don't live close enough to a MicroCenter to go there. I am 20 miles from Frys and the nearest MicroCenter is about 35 miles away).
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