Help with motherboard pls

hi all

my motherboard has died on me could anyone recommend a decent one for about 50 or 60 pounds

my current specs are
abit ip35 pro (dead )
intel q6600
gforce 8800 gt
4 x 1 gig corsair dominator ddr2 1066 mhz
vista 32 bit

any help would be helpful ;) lol

p.s i dont really want another abit board ty
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  1. Not many around any more that take 4 x DDR2 ram. this is actually the only one I found
  2. thanks m8 looks like its time for an upgrade , can i use my 8800 gt in a ddr3 motherboard ?
  3. Yes that is no problem since GPU ram and system ram are two independent things and don't have to match.
  4. ty guys ive gone for the ASRock ;)
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