TI Chipset FW Controller Card help needed

Hi all, i need a TI Chipset FireWire controller card, it doesnt have to
be a USB Combo, it can have 1-2 ports. I dont wanna use the internal FW.
It will be used on ASUS P7P55D-E LX with i7 860 for Audio Interfaces.
I dont know anything about them, the only thing i've found so far is the
Sybas if they are any good:
And also, i dont know the difference between A, B low profile and also
when it says and Internal A connection.

Thank you
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  1. Here is what I would go with... SIIG 3-port 1394 (FireWire) PCI adapter Model NN-400012-S8

    As for the differences:
    A = Internal
    B = External
    Low profile = Card is designed for a low profile case
  2. Hello Tecmo and thanks, this one sounds good on specs and SIIG has few others,
    should i consider PCI or PCIe? Would it make any difference? Something like this:

  3. I think PCIe will have a little faster transfer rates but either will transfer as fast as the FireWire connection will. It is really up to which slot you have free on your motherboard and go with which one works best within your budget.
  4. Thank you Sir!
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    Not a problem... you are welcome!! :)
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