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I recently just put together a new build, everything is functional, however randomly when I turn on the computer it gives me a disk read error when booting Windows 7. If I just restart the system it works fine. Will this turn into a big problem in the future in terms of HDD crashing? Is there a fix to this?

My specs:

Gigabyte 890fxa-ud5
AMD 955 BE
750 Corsair TX
Sapphire Toxic 5850
4GB Ripjaws
1TB F3 Samsung
AC7 Cooler
Haf 932

Many thanks!
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  1. Update:

    Today I turned it on and got a blinking cursor in the top left and in the screen there was a green box with a red dot in the middle. :( Not sure what's going on, I hit the reset button and it booted right up. This is just weird.

    I'm running Crysis at the highest settings with full aa and no problems, so it doesn't seem like a video issue. Any thoughts?

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