How come a geforce 260 pc out perform a geforce 470 pc???

I have seen 3dmark vantage results were a pc running the 260 outperforms the pc running the 470..!!!!...both have the same processors.... :heink: :o

Geforce 260:

Geforce 470:
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  1. On these scores, there is often a lot not shown, such as how many 260's were installed on the machine that scored higher. It could be a quadfire system, but the page with the score on it does not tell you how many there actually are. It also doesn't show if the graphics card are OC'ed.
  2. The 260 benchmark you linked is of a system with THREE 260's in SLI. i would expect it to outperform the 470.
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    The "GALAXY GTX260 3X SLI Digital PWM Extreme OC" description does kind of give it away doesn't it? That and the entries under "Linked display adapters".
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