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Core i5 or Core i7?

Hello all,

I am going to be putting together a computer sometime soon ( next few weeks ), and I am still hemmnig and hawing over what processor to put on it. To be specific, I am debating between the i5-760 and the i7-930.

Tom's has said multiple times that the Core i5 is the best value on the market right now, but at the same time the best results appear to come from the Core i7, which is only about 80 dollars more. Triple channel RAM is more expensive though, and the total cost increase might be more than I really want to pay.

What I'm really looking for is longevity; this machine will probably need to last me a good 4 years, so I want a CPU/Motherboard combo that is going to stand the test of time. If Core i7 represents an architecture that will better adapt to the future of gaming, then I am willing to throw down the extra cash for it. But if it's just a price hike for minor gains over the i5, I will probably pass. Does anybody have any advice about which route to go down?

Thanks much!
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    If you are going to use multi-threaded apps then i suggest getting the i7 950. Its $299 now. Probably would serve all purpose you can have. Gaming to running heavy apps.

    Although the X58 motherboards and triple channel RAM's run into a lot of money, but they are worth it.
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