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I7 980x xeon w5590 comparison

At the company I work for we use some third-party software that is
CPU hungry and doesn't utilize RAM hardly at all in its calculations. Video RAM is also not a concern. Our lease department works with Dell and has sent me specs on their T5500 workstations and says we can upgrade them to the Xeon W5590, but I've seen where the i7 970 and i7 980x chips benchmark higher. Just looking for a recommendation on what to tell my IT guy to order.
Thanks much.
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  1. The 980X would definitely help since its a 6 core. Is cost a factor here?

    If the PC's works on a single chip environment then the 980X is the best option i would say.
  2. Yes, I should have mentioned that part of the reason for my question was the fact that the W5590 is $1600 and the 970 and 980x chips are under $1000 -- we'll be leasing 14 machines so it adds up.
  3. I would say the 980X is a good option then... If budget is not the factor. You can save upto a $600 and get monster RAM's. Which would come in handy.
  4. With the extra cores and new technology at a better price u would be mad not to go with the 980x...

    Then i am a biased 980x owner lol :P
  5. I'd recommend the Phenom X6 1055t, building a whole (cheaper) cluster of them. If you do that with a 880G chipset you won't even need to buy a discrete graphics card.

    If power is a concern, go with the Core i7-980X, but keep in mind you could build 2 AMD machines (hex-cores) for one i7-980X. Perhaps even building a few i7-860 (quad) and saving those bucks, because CPU wise a i7-860 is about 3x cheaper than a i7-980X.

    Really, forget the Xeon. The reason people pay masses of money to buy the Xeon is because it can support a bucketload of RAM, it has ECC and it a bit more reliable than your standard run of the mill computer.

    If you're not doing something very
  6. Mind you on performance rating it would prob take 2 AMD machines in some cloud config to come close to a single 980x .... big difference in performance... kinda like the difference in price hehe :)

    No I do not hate AMD ... my last 3 systems were all AMD but now my best is intel 980x and WOW is a simple word for it :)
  7. I appreciate the feedback everyone. As our company's lease with Dell has us locked-in to the T5500 workstation, using AMD processors or building customized machines simply aren't an option. Power also isn't a concern as my company is a utility!
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    the 5990 is a quad core cpu the i7 980 and 970 are 6 core cpus the xeon x5680 is i7 980 comparative in the xeon line
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