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my first post here :-)
I've a 6 month old Toshiba Tecra R840 i7 laptop running win7 Pro 64 bit! I want to replace the 500GB, 7200 rpm HDD for an SSD. After a lot of research I decided for a Plextor M3Pro (even if the M5Pro is available and...cheaper!). My only problem is the capacity to choose: 256 or 512 GB (money is no issue here!).
At Plextor web site it seems that the IOPS specs for the 512 GB are very different that those of the 256 GB. Will the 512 GB be slower?
What the adavntages/disavantages of a bigger (512GB) SSD over a smaller one?

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  1. Even if it is slower in lab testing, you will never see the difference in real life. The biggest advantage to a larger SSD is more space, the biggest disadvantage of a larger SSD is cost. If money isn't an issue, go for a larger one. If speed is critical, get 2 in a raid 0, or 3 in raid 5 for better protection.
  2. From what i heard TRIM doesn't work with RAID except newest intel chipset.. (without TRIM it will be very bad for SSD)
    so don't do RAID with SSD for now...

    As ss202sl said if both was the same type/model ( both M3Pro, or both M5Pro ) go with bigger one.... Looks like it M3Pro had anomaly but it's still hold true with M5Pro

    if u asking M3Pro vs M5Pro .... (I will need to do little research first)

    edit: I would prefer to go with M5Pro it had better random writing speed and it's cheaper...

    OP what make u pick M3Pro ?
  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the info!
    I choosed M3Pro because it is a mature produt with very good ratings! And M5Pro is less energy efficient and in the real world (see anandatech review) it is not faster!!!
  4. I see, In that case.

    I'm agree with ss202sl, go with 512 the speed different will not noticeable except in benchmark..
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