Should I replace my laptop HDD with a SSD?

Hi. I will be getting a new laptop with a 500GB HDD and I have a Sandisk 120GB SSD in my desktop. Should I uninstall my SSD and use it in my laptop? I need allot of space usually but I want the battery life. Should I just keep the laptop stock or install a SSD?
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  1. I also have a 320GB HDD sitting here right now out of a new netbook that I was going to use in my 360 but IDK about that really.
  2. I will tell you this much, 90 percent of the time laptops come with 5400-5900 rpm hard drives and mobile processors, i found that by putting an ssd into my laptop it made it nearly identical in speed and responsiveness.
  3. It wouldn't have any mechanical parts though besides the DVD drive.
  4. I need the DVD drive because I have allot of CD's, Games etc I bought and it can play maxed. I can't replace anything really besides putting a SSD in and replace the HDD
  5. Believe it or not, some SSD's actually draw more power than your traditional mobile hard drive. So if battery life is what you are after you may actually lose. Do your research on power consumption before you buy.
  6. My SSD only takes 0.5 watts at max
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    iknowhowtofixit said:

    That cable is priced almost the same as a standalone slim USB DVD-RW drive.

    An enclosure for the optical drive you removed costs about half that.

    If you absolutely must keep the DVD drive in the laptop and 128 GB is just not enough space, another strategy (not so cost-effective) is to use the SD card slot as additional disk space. It's expensive (nearly the same $/GB as an SSD for a 32 GB SD card). On most laptops the SD card will not stick out when inserted. So you can just leave it in there. Put read-only files on it like MP3s and movies so you don't suffer as much from its slow write speeds. You need to weigh its cost versus ebaying the 128 GB SSD and buying a 256 GB SSD though.
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