RAM doesn't fit because of cooler

Just some quick background...

I have this Mobo: (ASUS - M4N72-E) http://www.motherboards.org/imageview.html?i=/images/reviews/motherboards/1871_p16_1.jpg

and this cooler: http://www.testfreaks.co.uk/pc-cooling-fans/arctic-cooling-freezer-64-pro-pwm/

Basically I want to upgrade from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM (4 Sticks), but I have no chance with that cooler in because the fan part is huge and makes it a struggle to even fit 3 sticks in. I need a thin cooler so everything fits. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should use?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Cant you put the fan on the other side of the HSF to pull hot air out rather then moving cool air across the fins ?
  2. I thought about that, but the shape of the fins at the back end makes it impossible to attach =( I have nothing against buying another cooler because it means I can use this one for my new build =)
  3. I think it might be time to pick that up. Thanks for looking at it for me.
  4. The most important and helpful information regarding this post is what kind of ram do you have?
    If you're using Kingston Hyper X good luck to ya!
  5. What reason are you wanting to upgrade your RAM? I asume you don't just game as going from 4 to 8gb would be pointless
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