SandyBridge/Bulldozer worth waiting?

Hey guys;

I recently asked around on the forum for help to build a computer and today I went to the store and when was I talking to the sales person; one thing led to another and he started to explain to me about new stuff coming out basically New Years 2011. That's only like 3-4 months away.

I was planning to either get a Core i5 760 or AMD Phenom II X4 today but ditched both ideas. The guy didn't end up getting the sale buy for me, I ran back home and started googling the new CPUs that are coming out soon.

Before I make any buying decisions, I just had to ask you guys.

If I don't desperately need a computer right now... can I just wait?
Will the new chips coming out be too expensive anyway??

The i5 760 and the Phenom IIX4 was the limit I was willing to spend anyway on a CPU at around 200ish(Canadian)
The motherboards I was looking to buy were around 120-140ish.

If the new SandyBridge stuff is gonna be an extra 50 or 80 dollars more, and the new motherboards will be more expensive like how the LGA1136 are right now, then I probably won't even bother.

But if you guys know anything that you could tell me about pricing or if its even worth the wait, I'd appreciate it.
Like... with the release of the new stuff, will the i5 760 drop in price?

I think I read a post where someone was saying that even if the SandyBridge stuff comes out, it'll be priced higher than it should for the first 2 months to get rid of old stock and then lowered to a more appropriate market price. If that's the case; technically for guys like me, the new stuff doesn't come out for another 5-6 months then if it's not affordable.
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  1. I would wait. Not only are new CPUs coming out but new GPUs as well. If you don't really need a new PC this instant, just wait.
  2. Yeah I agree. The new processors coming out are not new revisions of old processors but conpltetly new architectures. Theoretically they would blow the current processors out of the water. I would also bet on price drops accross the board on the and front when bulldozer hits.
  3. I'm almost at my every 3-4 year build stage (look at signature its a relic at this point) and i'm also waiting the cpu changes are very signifigant archetecture changes , and even if that doens't come to hugs performance gains than it will at least make the older stuff cheaper. with the 6000 series gpus just around the corner as well i'd onyl upgrade/build now if my rig broke today... and even then i might just use my laptop till its all out
  4. Because of the recession their inventories are probably building up. I don't know what prices the new stuff will go for, but this generation tech will likely get a big price cut soon to make room for the new stuff.
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