A decent motherboard for phenom x4 965?

Hey guys, I'm planning on buying a new PC but I don't want to spend that much on it,
I was gonna get the i5 2500k but there wasn't a huge difference between them plus I'm going to save a decent amount of money since I'm not that crazy about having maxed out FPS and super hard overclocking with 50 graphics cards or anything.
Basically what I want is a decent computer, not willing to go dual graphics card (not now, nor in the future) .. I will slightly overclock, just enough for gaming.
Whether it's dual channel or triple channel, I want a good amount of ram (Like 6GB or 8GB) and I'm planning on getting either the 460gtx or HD6850 with it .. so what motherboards are good and cheap for a build like this?

Also kindly note that I have no knowledge of any AMD motherboards or processors.
I am also looking to add a SSD to the build, but in a month in so .. so I guess I need a special motherboard for that as well?

Right now I'm kinda looking into both these motherboards;


But what exactly is AMD3+ ?
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  1. Well? Anyone? =/
  2. well by comparing the two the only main difference that I can see is that you can have the memory on the gigabyte OC'd to 1866 vs. MSI at 1600(OC'd).

    On one hand I know that the MSI uses solid capacitors good for 10 years.

    AM3+ is for the newer Bulldozer chip that's coming out at 32nm, whereas most of the chips now are 45nm in size.
    If you're concerned about upgrade paths don't worry, MSI will be updating their BIOS so that you will be able to use them in the future.
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    From personal experience with both brands i would go with the Giggy.
    The AMD3+ ready socket,dual bios,and ALC889 audio make it worth the extra $10 imo.
    Also Gigabytes website is by far the best for supporting your product.
    It's very easy to use.
  4. Sounds like you are building something similar to me. I got parts yesterday. I looked a the 880G series as well. It has integrated video. Like you I planned on getting a video card (GTX 550). I did not want to deal with integrated video and card not playing together so I went with the 870 series. I honestly don’t know if there would have been a problem. I just chose to eliminate that as a potential risk.

    As for AM3+... Since it is a new socket I would expect that would allow one more years of potential CPU upgrades.
  5. I also am curious, why 880G? If you don't ever plan to use the integrated graphics then why pay for it? The 870 chipsets should work fine for you, and if you wanted to add a second card down the road you'd have that option. OOps just noticed a second card is not what you want. Still, you can find nice 870 boards for under a c note.
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