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AM3 motherboard advice

Folks, looking to put together an $800 AMD build with a 955 CPU, trying to figure what a good motherboard is, preferably with x8 - x8 crossfire or SLI (or both if that is possible)

Thanks in advance.
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    asrock 870 extreme3 has been awesome for myself and all the other buyers on newegg at 90$. if another 50$ or more is not an issue im sure others would recommend the asus/gigabyte/msi 790 or 890 boards
  2. +1 on the 870 Extreme3, for $90 you get an full equivalent of the $130 890GX boards:

    However, with AMD, its SLI or Crossfire, unless you buy a Hydra board (Like the MSI 870A) its either or.
  3. With AMD boards it's SLI or Crossfire. Even though there is really no technical limitation to AM3 boards with nVidia chipsets to run Crossfire, it's just another case of nVidia being nVidia. If you want 8x/8x SLI there are only two choices.

    MSI NF750-G55


    ASUS M4N75TD

    For Crossfire a good budget board is

    ASRock M3A785GXH/128M

    or the better and updated

    ASRock 870 EXTREME3

    I also like this Gigabyte board though ti is significantly more expensive

  4. Thanks gang, going with the 870 Extreme3
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