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  1. The 3rd one is best. Although the 2nd one does have a 2ms response time, for gaming a 5ms response time is fine. But the 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio of the 3rd one really puts it ahead of all the others.

    And the 1st one is total garbage.
  2. I vote for #2. Samsung makes the panels for lots of other vendors. I suspect they keep the best samples for their own products.
  3. This would be one of the best gaming monitors

    But in that price range, the BenQ you have seems like a nice choice.
  4. geofelt said:
    I vote for #2. Samsung makes the panels for lots of other vendors. I suspect they keep the best samples for their own products.

    While I can agree than Samsung makes good products, you can't compare 50,000:1 to 5,000,000:1. It's the BenQ hands down.
  5. Sure but don't believe everything marketing people say.

    The Anandtech thread on monitors:

    Contrast Ratio: This is a spec you should probably ignore, because it's often inflated (especially with TN panels). Although, extremes can indicate a difference in panel technology, or that one panel has dynamic contrast. A dynamic contrast measurement is sometimes denoted with the "(DC)" suffix or "DFC" prefix. Some manufacturers offer real and dynamic contrast figures, both of which are usually inflated.
  6. BenQ G2222HDL 22 has brightness of 250cd/m². Is this alright? Hence, samsung and BenQ have screen size of 21.5, not 22.
    For £20 difference, you either have 1.5 inch more or quality?
  7. http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Monitors/24+Inch+LCD/Samsung+B2430L+23.6%22+Widescreen+LCD+Monitor+-+Black+?productId=40725

    Does 2ms makes a lot of difference to 5ms? The price is from £156 to £141.

    Is this Full HD 1080p monitor?
  8. 1080P is 1920 x 1080 resolution.
    The difference in size, 21" vs 22" vs 24" at 1920 x 1080 just means that the pixels or dots that make up the picture are bigger with each increase in size. For a desktop viewing distance it does not make much of a difference. If the monitor is a quality unit with no dead pixels, they will all be about equal. Lesser quality units may accept several more dead spots before deeming the unit to be defective.

    How do you plan to handle sound? If your needs for sound are modest, look for a monitor with integrated speakers. It makes for a cleaner desktop. Such sound is OK. If you will be buying a good speaker system, then don't pay anything for included sound.
    Do you possibly want to use the monitor as a TV? If so, look for a TV tuner included.

    As to specs, the only one I find to be very important is the viewing angle. Better monitors will not wash out the display when viewed from a side angle, or elevation. These monitors are 170/160 horizontal/vertical. Very typical and OK. The very best and expensive units will be 178/178.

    A lcd will refresh at 60 hz. That is once every 16ms. If the grey to grey change is 2ms or 5ms, It should not make much difference. Also, different manufacturers measure differently, so you can not put much faith in these particular statistics.

    The best would be to go to a local store and look at different monitors yourself. The color tone or other factors may make a big difference to you.
  9. I don't mind about the integrated speakers and TV. I am looking for good value, either quality or large monitor. Are integrated speakers basic? I usually use a monitor for general use, HD videos and gaming. Right now, I stuck into this offer


    or else I can sacrifice size for quality



    I can still play fine gaming on 5ms, and haven't compare contrast ratio before. Why should need 2ms?

    Or else, you have pay extra for larger size and quality


    If not, this one

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