Still on the fence about with MB should buy, few more questions

So I have asked which MB might be good for me out of Asus and Asrock.

I have decided that I will get a Asus Deluxe or Revolution or Asrock Extreme 6.

The boards will be used for gaming and 2D, 3D design and rendering.

I am going with the i7 2600k. I will have a Mac also for much of the heaving work of the graphics design.

I will use maybe 2 internal harddrives, a dvd rw drive, add a pci-e sound card and maybe blueray player later. I will use 1600 or 2200 ram. The gpu is a GTX 570 and might Sli later.

Will these boards hold up for what I want it to do? Revolution is expensive so if I do not need it I will not get it.
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  1. All three of those boards will work for what you are doing.

    The Revolution is currently one of the few P67 boards that will do x16/x16 SLI/CrossFire. It doesn't make that much of a difference unless you are running huge multi-monitor resolutions (example: 5760x1200), but some people look for that.
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