Cpu overheating

my core 2 quad q8400 is overheating. It goes upto 101 degreas celcius with 100 percent cpu load. which of this the reason for overheating

1.I took of the stock thermal paste because i did not know wat it is.then my computer did not start .Then i brought the normal thermal paste not the good ones.And used them but still overheats.And then checked the temp for the firt time ever and it was 101 decreas celcius.i did nt check the temp before removing the thermal stock paste.

Wat should i do???????????

2.Few of the pins of procesor socket in the motherboard are bend. THE repair person said the overheating could also be because of this..

3. He also said the g31 series is not recomended fort he core 2 quad series. so it overheats.

He tried it on the intel g41 chipset and it ran in low temperatures.

Wat should i do???????????
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  1. Go into the bios and make sure you are not overclocked or over-voltaged and compare the bios temp reading to whatever program you are using. Some programs can be off quite a bit
  2. then why did it work well with g41 perfectly???????????if g31 was not a problem..

    It worked well with the same thermal; paste in g41.which i used in g31..

    Help man
  3. how to test????????
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