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I was tasked with revamping a friend's HP A1340n for his son to game with. I am no master computer architect but am starting to learn more. Although I tried to talk him into just building new and move forward he was very adamant about just revamping that computer. He said his son has been wanting to play the Total War games mainly Napoleon and Shogun. I was thinking a new GPU and CPU more RAM and probably a new mobo. I am having trouble figuring out what parts that will suffice for the build. Any help would be very much appreciated. In advance thank you very much. :hello:
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  1. there really isnt much that can be revamped there, other then gpu.

    the ram has a max of 2gb ddr2 and the cpu is socket 775 which i for one am not 100% on

    according to spec sheets(the official hp spec sheet) im looking at the mother board can only handle a short list of cpus

    besides if you are going to change all that your basically one step away from building an entire system anyways might as well just build a new system (cause like i said thats basically what you would be doing)

    what is the budget?
  2. What are the full specs of his current system and whats their budget for an upgrade? If you are getting a new CPU you will likely need a new motherboard and RAM. Any chance you know what resolution he will be playing on?

    You can get an Athlon II x4, a new board, and 4GB of ram for under 300, so if he has 400 to spend on the "revamping"(if you are swapping the CPU, mobo, and ram its basically a whole new system) he can get a nice basically new system out of the deal, but he will also need to get a new copy of windows as the OEM one that came with the HP wont be able to transfer to the new motherboard.

    Upgrading prebuilts can be a pain in the ass, so you might want to open it up and take some measurements and take a look inside to make sure they didnt put anything in stupid places so that retail parts cant fit.
  3. Just spoke with my friend budget is around 400 or lower.
  4. okay so if you do decide to just upgrade with the current case you will need to upgrade the mobo as the current just isn't up to the job

    when looking at them you will have to make sure you find one that is M-ATX or Micro atx as that is the only size that seems to fit in his current case and make sure it has support for amd processors as they are much better for your budget

    that alone will set you back some

    you should look for something along these lines for the mobo (ofcourse it doesnt have to be this one)
    If your lucky the current ram will fit on this mobo as its current ram is pc2-4200

    and as far as cpu this is probably the cheapest quad you can get

    Now those are jsut my local store you should be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere

    Now i dont know what the psu is on it but you may need to upgrade that if your going to upgrade the gpu
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