So this week I've decided to get myself my first SSD. I'm looking to get the Samsung 830 128gb, and pair it with a blue 500gb drive.

I have a couple of questions regarding the ssd though;

1. my CPU is the i5-750 (Lynnfield) which ultimately means I can't have sata3 speeds. Will it be worth the money (the ssd) even if it can't run to its full potential?

2. I know there are LOTS of optimizations for the ssd. I've already set my bios to the ahci mode, and plan to use the samsung ssd software to do the the optimizations. Is the samsung software any good? Or do I still have to do a couple of tweaks manually? (I really would like to optimize my ssd, as long as it won;t affect the health and reliability of the ssd)

3. Should I install only win7 basic to save on space? (Or is it recommended to go premium or ultimate?)

4. What are the things that I should install on the ssd? I multitask a lot. Having a minimum of 10 tabs open all the time, itunes, steam, ym, torrent, dropbox, etc.. Which programs should I install on the ssd to get the most out of its speed?

5. (Optional) Based on how I use my computer (browsing, programming, games, movies, podcasts, heavy multitasking) will I benefit from the ssd upgrade?
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  1. 1 Yes
    2 Do not know their software but
    3 Use the version you like the best, at least not basic, remember that when you do the install on the SSD to disconnect your HDD so the mbr goes on the SSD.
    4 I have OS browsers and office on my 120GB SSD basically everything I want to work quick.
    5 Yes your load times are faster.

    Compilation of good info and tweaks
  2. Thanks for the quick reply,

    I currently run win7 64bit ultimate, I was wondering if I go home premium how many GB of space will I save? and what features do I lose?

    I will very much appreciate it if you guys can still post your own answers to Q1-5.

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